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22 May Town Sign Refurbishment

The Town Sign has been collected by the original craftsman for refurbishment. It will be restored and returned to its home on Angel Link. See here for the Town Sign's history....

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13 Mar New ‘Super District Council’ for Waveney & Suffolk Coastal

Press release from Waveney & Suffolk Coastal District Council Monday April 1 will see the historic creation of a brand new local authority, replacing Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils. East Suffolk Council will deliver essential services to local people and communities, from Lowestoft in the north...

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13 Feb CCTV proposal for Halesworth

At the last Town Forum meeting in September 2018, residents in attendance were in favour of the Council exploring the option of CCTV for Halesworth.  Since then a working group has been set up to explore the possibility.  The group has been in discussion with...

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