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New Wayfinding and Signage system for Halesworth.


What do you think of Halesworth’s wayfinding and signage? If you were a visitor arriving by train, could you easily find your way to the Thoroughfare? From the car parks could you find the Millennium Green or the shops in or near the Market Place? Do the present signs and information boards give a good impression of the town? What sites and attractions, walks and shops do you think people should know about?

If you have a view, positive or negative, then come along to a


Public Meeting

St Mary's Church

5pm to 7pm

Tuesday 13 September.

A Wayfinding and Signage Project is now underway in Halesworth. The Neighbourhood Plan and the Connectivity Report, commissioned by the Town Council, identified improvements to wayfinding as one way to support the economic and cultural future of the town. The aim is to celebrate the unique character of Halesworth, as well as make its attractions more visible and easier to find for visitors and residents alike including those with neurological and visual difficulties.


A good signage system that helps you find your way around a town and enhances the look and feel of the place encourages more visitors to explore and spend money in the town. A poor system that makes the streets seem cluttered, is out of date, unclear and a bit tatty might mean they don’t come back.


Money has been raised to carry out the design phase for a new system and a steering group, comprising representatives of the Town Council, the Neighbourhood Plan Group, Halesworth Tourism Group and East Suffolk Council has been working behind the scenes to recruit Peter McGrail of Streetwise, http://www.streetwisesystems.com/ a specialist in the development of wayfinding and on-street visitor engagement systems.


Peter will be in Halesworth for the week beginning the 12 September to take a good look at the town, its many assets and attractions, and to engage with local people and organisations to find out what they think is needed to make Halesworth’s system better. This information will feed into a report from Streetwise that will give us design suggestions, costings and manufacturing details, ready for the implementation stage next year.


Please come along to the meeting on the 13 September. Your views are wanted.


Wayfinding and Signage for Halesworth.

A new project to bring more visitors to Halesworth to enjoy the many great things we have to offer and encourage them to spend more in the shops and cafes is an aim of the Town Council.

The Connectivity Report commissioned from We Made That has given us many ideas which we will work on over the next few years but one of their suggestions is about to become reality.

The Neighbourhood Plan gives the town council the following action -


Halesworth Town Council, with partner organisations in the People and Places action group, to take a lead on setting up a design team, including professional input where necessary, to scope, propose and implement improvements to the signage and wayfinding for Halesworth. Consultation with businesses and residents will be essential. When grants to support economic activity in town centres became available we applied for money to design a wayfinding strategy - information boards, maps, finger posts. We successfully obtained a grant to fund a professional survey and consultation.

In June a steering group made up of people from Halesworth Town Council,  East Suffolk Council, Halesworth Tourism Group, the Museum and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, interviewed three signage companies. Streetwise was then appointed. You might be interested in their view of what good wayfinding can do in the article below.

The key benefits of an effective wayfinding system

Peter McGrail from Streetwise will start work in September, staying in the town for a week to get a thorough feel for our town as a visitor. A workshop will then be held with key stakeholders to get ideas and views. The present signage will be audited to see what is kept and what could be removed and we also hope to engage with local artists.

By April 2023 we will have a report giving us designs, locations and manufacturing details. Work has started on creating a budget to fully implement the proposals once they have been agreed.

Watch out or further information over the coming months.


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