Road Closure Orders

The Town Council have no control or authority over Road Closure Orders and licensing for one off events.

If an organisation wishes to close a street for a one-off event, it will need to apply to Suffolk County Council to do so. There is currently a £50 fee. The organisation will need an accredited person to marshal the event and set out the signs.

If an event will involve an element of street trading, that is to say having stalls on a street or adjacent area to which the public have access, then you will need a single event street trading licence. This can be obtained through East Suffolk Council’s licensing dept. This would be for an event planned under the aegis of a single organisation that would be of a charitable nature or for the benefit of the wider public. There is no fee for this licence. As part of the application form you will need to complete the table of stall holders giving all the relevant information. This must be sent to the Food and Safety Team at least 28 days before the date of the event. Please do not leave it until you have all stall holders’ details. It is imperative that this is completed accurately and in full particularly with regard to any food stalls as these details will be cross checked.

East Suffolk Council also require a copy of your Public Liability insurance.

Any stall that will be selling alcohol at these events will need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice which costs £21 and needs to be submitted at least 10 working days before the event.

For certain events, the organisation would also need a Temporary Event Notice to cover any alcohol sold and or possibly for any regulated entertainment you may have.

If there are going to be charitable collections taking place the organisation would need a Street Collection Licence to cover any cash donations. Either the person responsible for the collection or the organiser of the event would need to apply for this, there is no fee for this application.

Details or more help can be found here or contact the team on 01394 444802.

The application for a road closure order can be found at here.

Below are some of the forms that an organisation may require when planning a one-off event.

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