How Planning Decisions Are Made

planningAll local planning applications are submitted to East Suffolk Council Planning Department which has the power to approve or reject an application.

Full details of what planning consent is needed, if any, and the application process is explained on the East Suffolk Councils website.

The website also enables you to view all planning proposals and applications that have been submitted for Halesworth.

Any new planning applications for development where Planning Consent is required are advertised by Planning Notices displayed locally; in the local newspapers: by letter to properties affected by the proposal and in the Town Council Offices..

If you wish to contest a planning proposal you will need to contact the named Planning Officer by letter or email, preferably with a copy to the Town Clerk.You are also strongly encouraged to get in touch with the Town Council who has an Advisory role in the Planning Process (see next page).

Halesworth Parish Boundary Map

Extracts from WDC New Local Plan July 2017 relevant to Halesworth