Our Meetings

If you are looking for AGENDAS of our meetings please click on the relevant meeting in the calendar below or on the link for the meeting on our home page.



These meetings are normally held on the first Monday of the Month and are open for the public to attend. This is where decisions made by the other committees (see below) are decided and other issues relating to the town are discussed. There is a public session of 15 minutes where members of public can express their views on the matters being discussed or other issues of concern


These meetings are normally held on the third Monday of the Month and are open for the public to attend. Members of the public can speak at the discretion of the Chair. This Committee decides on the funding needed for various Town Projects, for Voluntary bodies funded by the council, and the internal funds of the Council including issues such as staffing.


These meetings are held to coincide with the closing dates for various planning applications to Waveney District Council. Please see the calendar below for when these meetings are. We encourage members of the public who are affected by potential changes to Planning or new developments to attend these meetings to let us know their views. For full details see the Planning Page.


These meetings are held when necessary.  They usually include the planning of the Forum meetings and have control of the Mailing list, Facebook page and Council website.


This is a public meeting that takes place once a year (usually in April) where the public can find out what the Town Council has been doing, its plans for the future, and discuss any issues or concerns they have about the Town. The Annual Parish Meeting is specifically for those who live in the Parish of Halesworth.


Town Meetings are open to anybody who lives in, or has an interest in Halesworth. These take place roughly every three months. These are not official Council meetings but give the public a chance to raise any issues they may have.