News from the Post Office

27 Apr News from the Post Office

The Town Council are aware of the increased queues at the Post Office situated in the closed Coopers Hardware store.  As an essential service, Post Office is working hard to ensure that customers, especially the vulnerable and the elderly, can continue to access vital services while protecting their health and wellbeing along with that of postmasters and colleagues.

Please see below for a statement from the Post Office regarding the Halesworth branch.

In some cases, some Post Office branches may have to open on reduced trading hours because of the impact that the Covid-19 outbreak is having on staffing. This, unfortunately, is the case at Halesworth. We have been in regular contact with the Postmaster at Halesworth, who is also the Postmaster at Leiston. There are staffing issues at both branches, as some staff have childcare commitments, while others have received letters from the NHS to self-isolate as they are part of the at-risk group. We are attempting to source additional staff for branches to open the Halesworth for a further morning per week and we will update you further if and when we have been successful. We appreciate that the length of queues is not ideal; the Postmaster, however, is doing his best to adhere to social distancing guidelines.