Sale of the Patrick Stead Hospital – Notice period

30 Jun Sale of the Patrick Stead Hospital – Notice period

The Town Council has received notice of the disposal process for the Patrick Stead Hospital.

The building was registered as an asset of community value by the Halesworth & Blyth Valley Partnership around two to three years ago, this process allows the first option to buy the building to go to a community group before it goes on the open market. However, the Halesworth & Blyth Valley Partnership did not intend to get involved as they have always stated that the project was too large for them. The Town Council has also stated on several occasions that it did not have the resources to lead on a project of this size but it would offer help if a group could be formed. The Council has asked for interested parties to come forward in the past so we could see if there was enough interest and the necessary expertise but with very little success.

There is a 6 week period for community groups to register an interest (by 6th August) and 6 months thereafter for the group (s) to raise the market value of the building. It is now a very short time to achieve this goal but perhaps not impossible.

Interested parties can either form their own group or contact the office on and we will try to facilitate a meeting

The notice letter from the NHS Property Services is attached for your information

NHS_PS Patrick Stead – 25062021