Proposed Development off Roman Way/Chediston Street

Development off Roman Way/Chediston Street

The recent presentation at the Rifle Hall was arranged by a company on behalf of Christchurch Land & Estates to gauge public reaction before it makes a planning application. The company have said they will give the Town Council feedback from the presentation.

The Town Council are unable to comment on this proposal at this stage until a planning application has been received and considered at a public meeting. However, this area had been earmarked for development in Waveney District Council's new Local Plan. When Halesworth Town Council were consulted during the Local Plan process it was a smaller site, approximately 50- 60 houses. The site reference was number 163. The Town Council will need to consider any application in context with other developments in the town at the time but this is very difficult if there are applications in the system that have not been determined or if they are only proposals. The Council recognises the need for more housing, particularly more affordable housing, smaller dwellings, bungalows etc. but it would naturally also have concerns over a large increase in population and whether the infrastructure can support it.

Once the application from Christchurch Land & Developments has been lodged with Waveney District Council (this is the body that determines planning applications), you will be able to send in your comments to Waveney District Council. Residents comments will be available for anyone to view on WDC's website under the Planning section, along with the comments from all the other consultees.

With regard to the many points raised by residents regarding infrastructure, the Environment Agency, Highways (roads & access), Suffolk County Council (health and education), Anglian Water/Essex & Suffolk Water (sewage and drainage), environmental protection, etc, will be consulted once a planning application is made to Waveney District Council to get their views and to receive written reports. The Town Council are also a consultee and again will be sent the details of the application once it has been made. There will then be a public meeting of the Planning Committee to consider the application at which members of the public are entitled to attend.

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