Neighbourhood Plan Update

Halesworth's Neighbourhood Plan is getting closer to completion. Creating a Neighbourhood Plan is usually a 3 or 4 year process and we are on track to deliver our Plan. Early in the Autumn, we will be holding some special events to showcase our work on creating your plan.

Members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group have been focusing on the 7 objectives that you identified as the key focus for our Plan. You can find these objectives on the Town Council Website. The group has been working on practical and achievable proposals to enhance and improve Halesworth whilst providing clear evidence that these proposals meet the needs and wishes of Halesworth residents.

The Neighbourhood plan group have also presented individual sections of the draft NP to Halesworth Town Councillors. We are set to present the final 2 sections to Council on the 15th  September.

Earlier this Summer, we also led a consultation on the Town Centre Connectivity project, this is just one part of the Plan, like each of the 7 Plan Objectives This was looking at possible ways to improve different parts of the Town, to connect them more effectively to benefit both tourists, businesses and local residents. The aim is to make it a better connected town which will help it thrive. Just imagine if you were arriving in Halesworth for the first time: how would you know that there was a fantastic Millennium Green? How might you find the lovely Town Park or Thoroughfare from the station? How would you get from the thriving Thoroughfare to the Market Place with its magnificent ancient buildings? This is a large body of work supported by Halesworth Town Council, for the future.

We want to thank everyone who joined us for the Connectivity Project Zoom meeting and Town Walkabout. It was fascinating to hear people's views and ideas, and their passion and concern about the Town's future.

Finally, we want to let you know that on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November, we will be showcasing the Neighbourhood Plan at our special Neighbourhood Plan Weekender. There will be an exhibition of each of the objective areas and the Connectivity project, a whistle-stop tour of each objective area, the chance to take part in workshops with members of the plan group and a Q & A session which will be live-streamed and available for downloading afterwards. Further details of the Neighbourhood Plan Weekender will appear in September and October.

Creating a Neighbourhood Plan is the best way of ensuring that everyone in Halesworth has a say in how the Town grows and develops, and to secure additional funding from developers through the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) money to go directly to our town. We look forward to sharing Halesworth's Neighbourhood Plan with you and to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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