Free Parking set to return to Halesworth

17 Jun Free Parking set to return to Halesworth

Following recent discussions with Halesworth businesses, the Town Council in collaboration with District Cllr Tony Goldson have hopefully been successful in negotiating a deal with Waveney District Council to reinstate the free one hour parking in the Thoroughfare car park.

The Council will meet on Monday the 20th June, 2016 to formalise the agreement and it is hoped that the ticket machines will be re calibrated within the next 2 or 3 weeks in order to bring the much needed free parking back to Halesworth.

The finer details of the agreement are yet to be finalised but the offer is a significant improvement over the original offer made to the Council back in November 2015. The Council hopes that with the voluntary support of local businesses, local parish councils and our District Councillor, the financial impact will be minimised. Negotiations with WDC for future years will commence in September 2016.

A report of the meeting with the businesses on the 8th June here.

Meeting report Halesworth Businesses & HTC 08 06 16


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