Councillor Vacancy

The Council welcomes enquiries from members of the public interested in becoming a Town Councillor as there is currently one vacancy.

This seat would initially be for a few months because there will be new elections for all the Council seats in May 2019. This is an ideal opportunity for someone to see if it is for them and whether they can spare the time and commitment.

These are changing and challenging times for local authorities with more responsibilities being passed down from the Police, District and County Councils. All the local market towns will experience significant housing developments in the next few years adding more demands on the existing infrastructure which in many cases is under severe pressure. It looks increasingly likely that the town councils will have to try and fill the gap. This will be a challenge as the Town Council has limited resources and powers, so forward progressive thinking is required as well as the time to attend meetings, workshops and training. The Town Council meets monthly to receive reports on what has happened elsewhere in the other workgroups, committees and external meetings and this also provides the legal mechanism for all the members to review any recommendations and make the necessary decisions. It is therefore essential that the new Councillor is able to be involved in some of these other Town Council activities during the month.

The Town Council would like to attract members who have some relevant skills or a keen interest in any or some of the following; planning (surveying, building, architects, etc), youth facilities and engagement, social media, business (local business owners or professionals), legal (solicitors, financial advisors, accountants) but there are many other skills not listed which may be of interest to the Council. The Council has many committees and working groups such as Finance & Personnel, Planning, Communications, Community Infrastructure, Community Centre and Neighbourhood Planning.

Town Councillors are all volunteers, training will be provided but there is no pay. Council decisions, finances and minutes are all public information and many of the meetings are held in public, so applicants should be comfortable with this environment. The full Council normally consists of twelve members, inevitably members will have differing opinions on a wide variety of subjects from time to time and therefore debate is an active part of being a councillor.

If you are interested, please send in a short statement by the 16th of November outlining why you wish to become a Councillor to: Town Clerk, Waveney Local Office, London Road, Halesworth, IP19 8LW or by email: If you need more information please call the Clerk's office: 01986 874517

Halesworth Town Council
Waveney Local Office,
London Road, Halesworth
Suffolk IP19 8LW
Clerk’s Office
Tel: 01986 874517
Town Clerk: David Lines
Deputy Town Clerk: Phillippa Welby
Finance and Admin Officer: Jenny Jenkins

Marketing Coordinator: Kelly Parker
The office is open
9am – 1pm
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
or by appointment
Halesworth Town Council
Waveney Local Office,
London Road, Halesworth, 
Suffolk IP19 8LW
Office Opening times:
9am - 1pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday or by appointment
Tel: 01986 874517
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