Communities encouraged to give their views towards the James Paget’s plans for a New Hospital

Ahead of the next milestone within the development of ambitious plans for a new hospital, the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (JPUH) is asking for the views of patients and local communities on what is important to them. The James Paget, located in Gorleston, was announced in 2020 as one of the hospitals that would receive funding through the Department of Health and Social Care to develop plans for a new hospital, as part of the Government’s Health Infrastructure Plan.
As part of this announcement, JPUH received funding to begin development of its plans, which is part of the Government’s ambition to build 40 new hospitals by 2030.
In early 2022, the James Paget will submit its Strategic Outline Case for review, a significant step towards its vision of a modern hospital and health and care campus in the future.
The hospital is asking patients and residents for their views on how plans for a new hospital can build on the quality of health and care services locally, and what is important to them in developing the James Paget’s physical environment.
Anna Hills, Chief Executive of the James Paget, said: “We are delighted to be part of the New Hospital Programme, and the opportunity this provides for our hospital to physically grow to continue to deliver outstanding care to our patients and communities.”
“We know this a long journey, and we are focusing on listening to the views of our staff and patients every step of the way.”

Mark Flynn, who is Director of Strategic Projects at the James Paget and leading the hospital’s New Hospital Programme, said: “Everyone at the hospital recognises the
Paget’s role as a much-loved part of the local community, as well as its reputation as a healthcare provider.”
“Our planning is reflecting this – we are focusing on how a new hospital can support high quality, modern clinical services in the future, but also the positive impact it can have on our local environment, employment market and economy. That is why we are asking for a breadth of views from our communities to support the ambition of what we want to build for the area.”

The James Paget has established a short survey where anyone can give their views on what is important to them, which will be utilised as part of the hospital’s Strategic Outline Case for the New Hospital Programme. Access the survey here: here
Further information about the Paget’s New Hospital development and progress to date can be found on its website here

JPUH serves a population of around 250,000 across Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Waveney, as well as to the many visitors who come to the area
The hospital’s main site is in Gorleston, supported by the Newberry Clinic and other outreach clinics in the local area.
JPUH has a current CQC rating of ‘Good’, received in December 2019
Further information about the Government’s Health Infrastructure Plan and
New Hospital Programme can be found here

JPUH is asking for response to the following questions:
o We are developing our hospital site over the next 10 years – what is important to you in how we provide and locate services at our hospital in the future?
o Based on your experience, how could we improve the services we provide at the James Paget?
o What is the most important thing to you in how we design our new hospital?
o What else could our new hospital provide to benefit the communities of Great Yarmouth and Waveney?

Responses can also be emailed to

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