Call for New Street Names

builderThe Council are asking residents to suggest possible new street names for the developments that may go ahead in Halesworth in the future.  This is a chance to be involved in creating a small piece of history.  The suggested names need to follow guidelines from Waveney District Council (see below).  Recent new names that have been accepted are 'Palfrey Place' named after the Medieval sale of horses 0r 'Palfreys' that used to take place on the site and 'Laurie Shepherd Close' after the  Middle School Arts teacher.

Other suggestions received that are being considered are Zemke Way (After US Colonel Hubert Zemke based at Holton during WW2) and a road named after Dame Tamsyn Imison for her years of service to Halesworth In Bloom.

If you have any suggestions please email ( or write to the Clerk's office - Halesworth Town Council, London Road, Halesworth, IP19 8LW.

Naming protocols - taken from WDC website

The following considerations should be given for all new street names:

  • If a name refers to a person or event, there should be a connection to the area.
  • The names of living people should not be used in order to avoid the possibility of any future negative publicity.
  • If family names (of deceased persons only) are to be considered, permission must be obtained from any living relatives before submitting the name for consultation.
  • Names which follow a theme (usually in developments with several new roads) should reflect the history or environment.
  • Names which are difficult to pronounce or spell should not be used.
  • Names which may be deemed offensive in terms of race, faith/religion, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or are inappropriate language must not be used.
  • Phonetically similar names should be avoided e.g. having Churchill Close then creating new road named as Birch Hill Close.
  • The use of street names which include numbers which can cause confusion, for example, 20 Seven Foot Lane sounds the same as 27 Foot Lane.
  • The use of a name with Royal connotations. The consent of the Lord Chamberlain's office must be obtained if a name with any reference to the Royal Family or the use of the word 'Royal' is suggested.
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