The Tamsyn Imison - Community Award

The award shall consist of a glass bowl engraved by Lesley Pyke in memory of Dame Tamsyn Imison DBE who gave money for its creation. It shall be held for one year from the date of the award by the winners whose names shall be exhibited on its plinth. It shall be exhibited during the year in the Halesworth County Library. The winner shall not be eligible for the award in the immediately succeeding year.
The winners shall be the formal or informal group of volunteers or an individual based in Halesworth who undertook a project or activity during the relevant calendar year which in the opinion of the judges was most worthy of recognition for its contribution to the quality of life in Halesworth in the year in question
There shall be six judges comprising, three from the Town Council, Mr Michael Imison, one from Edgar Sewter school and one from the Library.
The judges shall only consider those projects that have been formally nominated by at least two people currently resident or employed within an area extending five miles in all directions from St Mary’s Church, Halesworth. Nomination forms will be available from the County Library in Halesworth and the Town Council offices. Eligible Groups may nominate themselves. The award will be made on at the Annual Parish Meeting held at Edgar Sewter School (Covid restrictions permitting). The judges may ask entrants for additional information about the impact their project or activity has had on community life in the year in question. The judge’s decision will be final.

It is a very fitting legacy for Tamsyn who did so much to make Halesworth and attractive and pleasant place to live and work.

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Halesworth Town Council
Waveney Local Office,
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Suffolk IP19 8LW
Office Opening times:
9am - 1pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday or by appointment
Tel: 01986 874517
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