Save Our Crossing


After a concerted campaign from the members of our group,  the Town Council, the County Councillor Tony Goldson and our M.P. Therese Coffey  and from many other residents in Halesworth, Network Rail has decided to keep the Barrow Crossing open.  We are particularly grateful to Therese Coffey who has been campaigning at a very high level to save our crossing and has made several visits to the site with senior officials from Network Rail. 

However, Network Rail have pointed out that this is an interim step giving them time to install additional signage and gates. The unlocked gates will provide users to pause and read the additional safety guidance ahead of crossing. It is planned that the gates and signage will be installed this Autumn. Indeed as we go to press new signs telling all cyclists to dismount in the station have already been put in place.  Network Rail have also told us that after the gates and signage have been installed they will continue to monitor the crossing and carry out two more nine-day censuses to assess any change in behaviour at the crossing. If they find people are not taking any unnecessary risks, then the crossing will remain open. If people continue to take these risks then the crossing will be closed.  We are really pleased that we have had the opportunity to save this crossing so it is now up to all of us to use it properly so that we can keep it open.  We are hoping to raise awareness in the town and surrounding area in the next few weeks of the importance of safety when using this crossing .